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BSNL Smart Card Payphone Service

  • Navitel  is the Smart Payphone Operator for BSNL
  • BSNL SMART PAYPHONE offers "The state of the art” Public Phone Service, with Life Time Public Phone Card  usage.
  • It is an initiative of BSNL, to enhance the Public Phone Service to the International Standard.
  • Navitel started the roll out of Smart Card   Payphone Service in Chennai Telephone and Tamilnadu Telecom Circle.
  • Public Phone Card is Reusable- Life time valid & Rechargeable in the Payphone itself.
  • “Public Phone Card”  service, with large scale installation of Smart Payphones, in whole of BSNL service area, is our mission.
  • It has been programmed to install   Payphones in Large Scale in the three Telecom Circles AP / Karnataka / Kerala in addition to Tamilnadu State , and this will be expanded to other Telecom Circles in the country.

  • IP Payphone Service and GSM Payphone services are provided for Technically Not feasible areas.
  • Wireless Broad Band Services and Leased line services also being offered by Navitel to BSNL customers.
  • BSNL has approved all the above services on PAN India Basis.

Public Phone   Service necessity

  • It is an important communication layer in a country, like Mobile & Fixed line phones.
  • Reuseable card payphone service provide both way communication, with incoming voice mail feature.
  • This will be common man mobile tool, if Payphones are installed in needy locations in Smart Cities, Which will create Phone for all status.
  • In spite of the mobile revolution, still a considerable segment of world population, depend on Public Phone. 
  • In India nearly 30% of Phone User Population, depend on Public phone only and these segment of population cannot afford to carry mobile phones.
  • In addition to the above there are many Educational Institutes and Labour Intensive Industrial houses are not allowing Mobile Usage inside their Campus. Such areas need Payphones service.
  • Card usage is generating huge call traffic in Mobile Network , since the 99% of the calls are towards mobile phones, thereby increasing revenue for TELCOS.
  • Hence an user friendly High Tech Public Phone Service for common man is the need of the Hour.
  • In these modern times, of communication revolution, A PUBLIC PHONE must offer Features like: both way communication, Easy to use, easy payment options, call anywhere, any time 24x7,easy reach, Privacy.
  • Large Scale Payphone Service, with PUBLIC PHONE CARD USAGE, is contributing to the Nation's information initiatives, in creating PHONE FOR ALL Status in the country, to create INFORMED SOCIETY.

Public  Phone  Card Solution

Public Phone Card usage in Smart Payphones


The Smart Payphone works on Function IN platform, installed exclusively for Payphone operations.Day to day performance of the Payphones, are monitored by a centralized Payphone Management System- PMS. Coin collection status, self diagnostic health check up of Payphones are sent to PMS on daily basis.

Each Payphone is computer by itself. Authenticates each Phone call, to prevent all sorts of fraud calls. Public Phone Card generation, Recharge coupon generation, are done by Intelligent Network.

Payphone & Card Solution

Function Payphone IN (FPPIN) solution can be used in any Telecom Switching Network in the world. The Payphone and the FPPIN works on access networks, PSTN / Intranet VPN / PRI, which do not cause any modification or changes in switching system.

Billing Solution

Post-paid, PRI wise single bill generation , the call charges being the Public Phone Tariff as approved by BSNL / Telco.

Payment option to Public to use Payphone

All denominations of coins can be used. The coins are Electronically Validated. Integrated Chip Card - Life Time-Reusable Public Phone card can be used. 
Recharging of the Card can be done, using Coins or Scratch Card Coupons, in the Payphone itself.

Smart Payphone Features

Smart Payphone Operation with Re- useable Public Phone Card Usage:


The Payphone is computer by itself a both way communication device.

To Call Anywhere : Payphone offers 24x7 National &International call Facility., & Incoming voice mail facility, hence the Card user can contacted from elsewhere.

Easy Payment Options : Reuseable Card can be recharged in the phone itself, by using scratch card coupons.

Easy reach :  Phones Must be available, in all the needy locations and in residential localities.

Privacy & Freedom : Payphones are unmanned, Neat & clean, to give all the user comfort.

Reusable - Public Phone Card/ Recharge coupon

  • Public Phone Card is a handy communication device for all,  To make a Phone call from any Smart Payphones and also to receive voice mail from any where.
  • The Phone Card can be Rechargeable in the Payphone itself using scratch card coupon.
  • Short code feature offers one touch, dialing of frequently called numbers.  By pressing one digit, call will be connected to the frequently called person. 
  • 24x7, Local, National & International Calls possible. 
  • Public Phone Card will become standby communication device for mobile users also in view of the features like one touch dialing, voice mail, low cost and life time validity.
  •  The Phone Card can be Rechargeable in the Payphone itself using coins or coupon.
  • Receive-Incoming Voice mail from anywhere.

Advantage to Telco

Large Scale installation and Operation of Payphone is possible. More number of Payphones, more number of Life Time-Phone Card users. Card users are the virtual subscribers and bring revenue to Telcos. Also Mobile Revolution is causing increased call traffic in Payphones, fetches increased revenue to Telco's.

  • Function Payphone Intelligent Network (FPPIN) does not  cause any change or modification in the existing Switching System of Telco's.
  • The access Network is Ordinary PSTN Landline / Intranet VPN / GSM access is used for connecting Payphones.
  • FPPIN is common for BASIC / GSM / CDMA/ IP  Payphones. Hence single FPPIN can cover the whole Service area of Telco.
  •  Post-paid working, single billing feature for Large number of Payphones (Simplified billing Procedure).
  • Increased Revenue for TELCO in the existing infrastructure without additional investment.
  • High Tech Payphone Service , enhance the IMAGE OF TELCO, in the minds of general public.

Large Scale Public Phone solution for Telcos



Function payphone in (FPPIN):

Product brief:

In order to manage large number of unmanned Public Payphone, in 24x7 service, by ensuring 100% revenue, without any kind of fraud calls, with easy option of payments, using reusable Public Phone Card, Function Group has developed an unique IN Solution for Payphone operation, named PAYPHONE INTELLIGENT NETWORK IN (FPPIN).

It simplifies in many ways, the various hardships involved in the mass scale Payphone operation, while giving "State of the Art" public phones services, and thereby creating an new avenue for additional revenue in the existing infrastructure for the Telco's. FPPIN is an Universal model, can be easily installed in PSTN exchange system in the world. This FPPIN will be installed in one of the PSTN exchanges to serve whole of Service areas of Telco.

Features of Payphone IN :

The Payphone will be connected through ordinary PSTN line / Intranet VPN  access. FPPIN is 100% free of Fraud calls like, call tapping & PIN Copying.  GSM ,CDMA , IP Payphones can also work with same FPPIN.

Post Paid Working

PRI wise single bill will be generated  for all the Payphones. Simplified billing solution.

Main FPPIN (SCP with Data Centre) has been installed in centralized Telephone Exchange, capable of serving all the Telecom circles in the Country.

Required number of ISDN PRI will be extended to FPPIN (SSP), with Hunting Facility & Pilot number,to the centralized IN Locations.