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Navitel Corporation Pvt Ltd, (NCPL)  was a Multi National Company, incorporated in India in 2007 -by FUNCTION GROUP and after the Change of Management by Indian Investors with the following New Board of Directors.

Director : Mr. T.Devanathanyadav.

Director : Mr.P.Chinnaiyan ITS. Ex General Manager BSNL.

Director : Mr.Gunaseelan Rangabashiam.

Director : Mr.Rajasekaran.

Navitel Business :

Navitel is the Smart Payphone Operator for BSNL. Navitel is the long term MOU partner with BSNL, for Card Operated Payphone Services, in whole of BSNL service Area in India.

Navitel has started the Roll Out of Smart Payphone Services, with the "Reusable Phone Card Usage" in southern Telecom Zone in BSNL Service areas.

Phone Card Service will be made available to rural citizens, "in all the villages in all the States",  where few Phones will be installed in each village, and every House hold can have a Phone card and thus the Phone for all status will be created in whole of India.

One touch dialing feature can be configured to dial the emergency numbers for Rural Citizens.

Reusable Public Phone Card, will be a handy both way communication tool, for the common man and the source Point (Payphone) has to be installed at reach needy locations.

Rechargeable Public Phone Card usage has been introduced in BSNL, first time in the world. The Service is being extended to other Telecom circles in a Phased manner.