* Smart payphone operator for BSNL                    * The Smart Payphone and BSNL Phone Lines are Installed Free                    * Be a Networked Human using BSNL Smart Phone Card.                   *Be a Informed Citizen with BSNL Smart Phone Card.

About Navitel Corporation Pvt Ltd

Originally Navitel was Incorporated in 2007 by Function Group of Companies.  The Private Limited Company was Registered by Earnest & Young , Chennai.

Navitel has entered into MOU Partnership with BSNL for Card Operated Smart Payphone Service in whole of BSNL Service Area in India in the last 10 years. 

The Agreement has been extended upto 2027 & beyond.

The Card Payphone Service has been Successfully Implemented & introduced in all the Southzone of BSNL and generating considerable Monthly Revenue for BSNL.

The Mobile not allowed Areas like Educational Campus/ Hostels / Business Houses / Prisons for inmate use , are provided with Card Payphone Service.

Citizen Social Smart Card

The Re – useable Public Phone Card will become   Citizen Social Smart Card with Multi various Value addition which will helps the citizen to perform day to day task in a informed way.

Corporate Benefit

  • CSSC brings every Citizen into Network and , it becomes an effective mode to care / monitor the individual Citizen by Govt authorities.
  • The CSSC is Low cost & Zero maintenance device which can easily  go to every   one & becomes a permanent communication device , being provided by Govt.
  • Ensures permanent Phone for all citizen, a big leap towards creating informed society  which will  improve the Quality of life of a Common Man , an initiative by Govt/Corporation.
  • It enhance the image of  good governance of Govt /Corporation.


  • Public Phone Card is a both way communication tool.( It has incoming voice SMS facility) Low cost/Easy to use with one touch dialling / life time validity / can be used anywhere in the country.
  • And so, it becomes a permanent communication device for general public. Every citizen can possess one Public Phone Card, so it creates a confidence ,  a secured feeling, in the minds of a common man, where ever he is. 
  • It creates PHONE FOR ALL STATUS in the Country.
  • Public Phone Card with every one is the basic step towards developing an informed society, in the Country.

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