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Navitel Corporation Pvt Ltd (NCPL)

Navitel Corporation Pvt Ltd (NCPL) was originally a Multi National Company, incorporated by FUNCTION GROUP( China) of Companies in 2007. Now the Navitel Management has been changed to Indian Investors, with new Board of Directors from May 2019 onwards.

Navitel is the long term MOU partner with BSNL, for Operating Smart Payphone Services, with Public Phone card Usage, in whole of BSNL Service Area in India up to 2027 and beyond. Navitel is Headquartered in Chennai.

The Rechargeable Public Phone Card Usage has been introduced in all the southern states . Reusable Public Phone Card is a handy both way communication device for general public, to use in the Smart Payphones.

BSNL Smart Payphone can be installed in Smart Cities, in all the needy locations, which will serve the common man to communicate in both way.

Hence it is our mission to install Smart Payphones in all the needy areas country wide with the use of reusable Phone Card for the convenient and easy reach of common man.